Week #47 - Eikev (The Reward)

Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25
August 18th - 24th

“Wherefore it shall come to pass, if ye hearken (SHEMA) to these judgments, (Mishpat-deliverance from evil ways) and keep (Shemar - guard), and do them, that Yahweh your Elohim shall keep unto you the Aleph Tav, (Messiah) covenant and the mercy which he swore unto thy fathers:”

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Listen, H8085 שׁמע Shema: Listen, hear, obey & complete! John 3:16, “Believe” in Hebrew is Shema!

  • Rebellious, H4784 ה ר מ marah: Not necessarily a defiant act, just simply not keeping Abba’s instructions, (Ezek 20:13), even related to Witchcraft; I Sam 15:23

  • Ordinance, H4941 ט ּ◌פ ◌ׁ ש מ mishpat: justice, ordinance, Deliverance in Yeshua.

  • Grace, Mercy, H2617 ד ס ח Chesed: goodness, kindness, faithfulness

  • Commandment = H4687 ה ו צ מ mitzvah: commandment, ‘Acts of Righteousness’.

  • Statutes, H2708 ה ּ◌ ק ח chuqqah statute: ‘Lasting Impressions’

  • Keep, H8104 ר מ ◌ׁ ש shamar: (Same root as Shema); To keep, to guard, to do

  • Beasts, H2416 י ח chay: lively, active (of man), Animal life, beast nature in man. Nephesh, or soul nature controlled by the mind of man!

  • Nations, H1471 י ו ּ◌ ג goy/goyim: usually of non-Hebrew people, of descendants of Abraham, possibly pagan, lost, confused without Yahweh’s relationship.

  • Inheritance, H5159 ה ל ח נ nachalah: possession, property, heritage, an understanding of a possession that may be occupied. (TWOT)

  • Remember, H2142 זכר zâkar: properly to mark (so as to be recognized), burn, recount, record