Welcome to our Sabbath Service

As we strive to set aside the Sabbath Day, making it different from the other days of the week, our service may feel a little different too! Here's what to expect:
We will open with a traditional singing of the Shema in Hebrew (Deut
Followed by a time of worship. You may see people grab flags and banners and wave them--we are ushering in the presence of the King! Feel free to observe or grab a flag of your own.
You may also see people engage in community dance around the congregation as the music begins. This form of worship engages your whole body, and is referred to as Davidic Dance or Hebraic Dance. Again, feel free to worship from where you're at, or jump right in and follow the person next to you.
Our service includes a time devoted to bringing offerings before the Lord, as well as announcements and a main message from one of our Pastors. We often want to hear how the sermon impacted you, or what insights others had from their time with the Lord throughout the week, so frequently a microphone is passed through the congregation so that others can share.
After a closing prayer, a fellowship meal ("Oneg" in Hebrew) is shared. This meal is pre-planned each week, and members of the congregation have all signed up to bring something. We hope you can stay to enjoy this important aspect of fellowship and getting to know each other better.
Periodically there may be special classes, teachings or events following Oneg. These would be mentioned during announcements.
The service usually lasts 1 1/2 - 2 hours. There are currently no children's programs available at this time, so we encourage you to bring quiet activities your children can do at your seat.
We hope you enjoy your time with us, but more importantly, your time in the presence of the Lord as we worship Him together! Thank you for visiting...