Week #36 - Bambidar (In the Wilderness)

Numbers 1:1 - 4:20
June 2nd - 8th, 2019

I Corinthians 15:20-23
Romans 8:23
Revelation 1:5
Colossians 1:18

Hosea 2:1-22
Luke 2:1-7
1 Corinthians 12:12-31
Heb 12:26-27

The people of Israel are commanded to take a census of their numbers in each tribe. It is time we also take stock of our lives - what are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? What glorifies God? What are we doing in attempt to glorify ourselves?

Your life has a purpose - do you know what it is? Have you asked God about it?

This wilderness experience is an ongoing relationship of testing and overcoming. YOU are HIS, and you have been called to be victorious!! You Can Do it!! Through HIM that lives in YOU.

  1. Sum (census), H7218, ראשׁ ro'sh: head, top, summit, upper part, chief, total, sum, census, height, front, beginning; from an unused root meaning TO SHAKE. Are you left after the shaking to be counted? Everything will be shaken. Heb 12:26-27. Pro 10:30

  2. Wilderness, H4057, ר ּ◌ב ד מ , midbar: wilderness, barren, no fountains, no grapes, no life, pagans; it is where the Azazel and sin is sent; also means mouth, what comes out of the mouth.

  3. Congregation, H5712. ה ד ע Edah: congregation, gathering, from a root to marry, to assemble to worship. This is the Hebrew word that was poorly translated into Greek as Ekklesia – Church. This is an important word to remember.

  4. Gather/Assemble, H6950, ל ה ק Kahal: to assemble, gather, He’s doing the gathering, we are HIS workers, if you believe You are called to be a priest.

  5. Among us, H8432 תּוך tâvek: a Root meaning to sever; a bisection, that is, (by implication) the center. This is “Born Again” that Messiah spoke to Nicodeamus. In the midst, amoung or in you. Yes HE is all of these in YOU and the body of Mashiach.