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Passover 2018

Exodus 13:9-10 Moreover, it will serve you as a sign on your hand and as a reminder between your eyes, so that Yahweh's Torah may be on your lips, because with a strong hand Yahweh brought you out of Egypt. Therefore you are to observe this regulation at its proper time, year after year.

Every year, we celebrate the Feast of Passover to honor God, and remember what He did for His people, us (believers who have been grafted into the Vine-Jesus Christ).  This year, we are inviting friends, family, and anyone who wishes to experience Passover to join us at no charge, as long as we still have room. We will accept donations at the event from those whose hearts move them to do so.

March 31st, 1:30pm
Canyon View Vineyard Church
Fellowship Chapel

We have reach our maximum capacity for this event and are no longer taking reservations.