U.S. Summer Tour 2018

Shalom from Jerusalem!


WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8TH, 2018  6:45PM - 8:00

Welcome to the annual Beged Ivri Summer Tour - celebrating 35 years of outstanding success.

This year we will be driving from Florida to WashingtonState and back, G-d willing. As usual, we will be bringing to you our entire line of Biblical items, Judaica and Holy Half Shekels, and speaking coast-to-coast on current restoration activity related to the Holy Temple. 

Topics covered include Biblical garments, Techelet (Biblical blue fringe) and other Biblical colors, Biblical Weddings (and Anniversaries), Ketoret (Incense of the Temple) and other Biblical spices, the Holy Half-Shekel, Luach Hamelech, the first Biblically correct calendar for the Third Temple Era, and other related restoration projects underway in Jerusalem. This year we are literally raising the Banner of Levi. We have restored the tribal flag of the Levites! 

A new project was introduced several tours ago. FBI - Friends of Beged Ivri. We will be 'recruiting' FBI "agents" to sign up others to sponsor IDF soldiers with Holy Half Shekels as part of our Machatzith Shekel L'Chayal (Half Shekel for a Soldier) campaign. Successful "agents" will earn specially designed FBI - Beged Ivri t-shirts. Learn more at www.shekelidf.org and join us on Facebook at FBI - Friends of Beged Ivri.

Attendees of this special event will have opportunities to dress and photograph themselves in Biblical garments, smell the spices of the Temple incense, and handle genuine artifacts and coins from the First and Second Temple Eras.