Week #48 - Re'eh (To See) Have you Experienced?

Deuteronomy 11:26 - 16:17
August 25th - 31st

Ra’ah is not just ‘To See’, but “Discern-Perceive”. This is your beginning relationship with Your Father. As we progress it should become a relationship of intimate experience, to really “Know” or “Yada” our Father. This is the experience the remnant- within- the-remnant is beginning to “Experience”. We have a God who tells us not to make any images, and He Has no image or Form, Can you see HIM on this earth, In one another. Are you HIS life, if you are the Light of the World then you give HIM Life. John 1:4-5

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • See/Behold, H7200 ה א ר Ra’ah: see, look, experience, discern, give attention;, Isa 6:10 Shema. 1308 times in the Tanakh, this is a Key Word to Understand HIS REAL Relationship in YOU, The Full Presence of Yahweh in you. Have YOU experienced HIM?? See Ex 14:13

  • Blessings, H1293 ה כ ר בּ berakah: blessing, praise of God, a gift-salvation-Yeshua, shalom, (Baruch).

  • Debt, H5378 נשׁא nasha: to lend on interest or usury, be a creditor, deceived, to take out a bite (TWOT), a form of deception as in a disease.

  • Commandments, H4687 ה ו צ מ mitzvot: commandment, “ The Act s of Righteous.”

  • Statutes, H2708 ה ּ◌ ק ח chukim: statutes, unknown meaning, “Lasting Impressions.”

  • Judgments, H4941 ט ּ◌פ ◌ׁ ש מ Mishpat: judgment, justice, ordinance.

  • Ebal, H5858 עיבל eybal: stone or bare mountain, mountain of cursing, north of Shechem and opposite Mount Gerizim.

  • Green (tree), H7488 ra‛anan: grow luxuriant, green life.

  • Tree, H6086 ץ ע eytz: tree, wood, timber, stock, plank, stalk, stick, gallows.