Week #31 - Acharei Mot (After the Death)

April 28th - May 4th
Leviticus 16:1 - 18:30

How are we to approach God? Do we come as we are, or do we need to make things right first?

Is it different for those who don't know God yet than it is for His priests? With knowledge comes responsibility. Things certainly changed for Adam and Eve once they received the Knowledge of Good and Evil - their relationship with God changed forever.

What offerings do we bring to God? Do we do it on our terms, or His? Do we follow the pagan practices of the culture, or do we live as the set-apart, holy people of Yahweh?

Can we experience oneness with Him (again)?

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Wilderness, H4057 רמדב ּ◌midbar: pasture, the field, this is the area that animals & ungodly people lived in. It is considered ‘outside of Torah’, outside the camp, or outside of God’s teachings.

  • Scapegoat, H5799 עזאזל aza'zel: entire removal; this refers to the goat used for sacrifice for the sins of the people, the goat that departs with the sin, away from the holy people. (Used only 4 times in the word, all in Lev 16.) This is another great picture of Yeshua.

  • Whoredom, H2183 ן ּ◌ו נ zaw-noon': From H2181; adultery; figuratively idolatry. A. H2184 ת וּ נ ז zen-ooth': From H2181; adultery, idolatry. B. H2181 ה נ זzaw-naw: to commit adultery (usually of the female, and less often of simple fornication, rarely involuntary); figuratively to commit idolatry (the Jewish people being regarded as the spouse of Yahweh).

  • Lewdness, H2154 ה מ ז / ה ּ◌ מ ז zimmah / zammah: evil & mischievous purpose, adultery, idolatry.

  • Sanctify, H6942 ש ד ק Kadash: to consecrate, sanctify, preparation to enter HIS presence; be separate, and HOLY.

  • Holy, H6918 שׁ ד ק Kadosh: sacred, holy, Holy One, saint, set apart.

  • Atonement, H3722/3725 פרכ ּ◌kaphar/kippur: cover, purge, to make reconciliation; AT-One-ment