Week #30 - Nissan 1: the Biblical New Year - Your New Beginning

This is the Year “To Find HIS Fullness in YOU”


My New Beginning!!

  1. I will be weaned;

  2. I will Learn to be HIS living witness;

  3. I will Be Transformed, Day by Day!;

  4. I will Gather, not scatter!;

  5. I will Give Life;

  6. I will remove stumbling Blocks in me and others;

  7. I will be more Mature;

  8. I will Love my Brother through Yeshua.

I can and I will, in Yeshua, move on to maturity,

Make a list of the areas that you fell short in this past year.

Now make a list as you seek HIM of the areas that you know that you should improve in this new year!

Here are some sample list that great saints, disciples and apostles used, it might help!

Ask Yah which ones you need to work on by HIS Spirit, that is in you to help all of us.