Week #29 - Passover (starts on April 20th)

April 14th - 20th

Ezekiel 37
II Samuel 22:1-51
Hebrews 11:28

Exodus 12:1-16
Exodus 13:16-15:26; 33:12-34:26
Numbers 28:16-25
Plus Yeshua’s Passover Luke 2:41; 22:11-18

Pesach is here, a glorious presence of HIS Redemption, your calling, your salvation and authority over the Realms of the Earth, may you find HIS revelation of Life this season. May redemption bring you “Mercy, justice and Righteousness”. I have been Passed-over, and now I have HIS mark, Do you?? Say Yes, Halleluyah!

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Sum (census Exodus 30:12), H7218, שׁרא ro'sh: Literally to shake, the sum or census after the shaking, ‘everything that can be shaken will be shaken’, and will you be counted in His next census?

  • Ransom, (Exodus 30:12), H3724, כפר ּ kopher: price of a life, ransom, bribe, (as a covering), from the root word, H3722 כפר ּ kaphar to cover over, atone for sin, make atonement

  • Anointed, anointing, (Exodus 30:25), H4888 שחהׁמ ,mishchah: consecrated unto HIM (notice the root similarities to the other Hebrew words we have studied) .

  • Oil, (Exodus 30:25), H8081, שמן ׁshemen: olive oil for anointing.

  • Sign, (Exodus 31:13), H226, אות oth: a sign, signal, a distinguishing mark, omen, warning, miracle.

  • Anger, (Exodus 32:19), H639, אף 'aph: anger (-gry) from the rapid breathing in passion, forbearing, suffering. God suffers!

  • Rock, (Exodus 33:21), H6697, צר tsur: God’s rock, rock of salvation (Deuteronomy 32:15), or rock (of heathen gods Deuteronomy 32:31) Deuteronomy 32 is the 2nd song of Moses and it’s all about the Rock of our Salvation, Yeshua.

  • Grace, favor, (Exodus. 34:12), H2580 חן Chane: favour, grace, and acceptance.