Week #18 - Mishpatim (Ordinances of Yahweh)

January 27th - February 2nd

Mark 7:1- 23; Acts 23:1-11
Hebrews 9:15-22; 10:28-39

Exodus 21:1 - 24:18
Jeremiah 34:8-25; 33:23-26
Matthew 5:33-7:21; 15:1-20

"If a bull gores..." Do you gore others with your doctrine? Are you "a pit without water"? Do you give a well without Living Water? Find out how to give Life.

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Gore: H5055 ח ג נ nagach: to push, thrust, wage war.(Do we gore others with our religion or the Word? Change, be transformed!)

  • Pit: H953 ר ו ◌ב ּ bor: pit, cistern, (not a well) stagnant water, like 2nd day manna, no 'living water'-Yeshua.

  • Bribe/Gift H7810; ד ח ◌ׁ ש Shachad: present, bribe, gifts of seduction from the world. Ex 23:8; Dt 16:19, I Sam12:3.

  • Awl: H4836 מר martseah: (mar-tsay'-ah): only used twice in the entire word. Symbolic of death, also the ring that is used is a sign of submission, authority, and the wedding ring.

  • Cover, covering: H3680 ה ס ◌ כ ּ Kasah: to cover, conceal, hide (for protection).

  • Rod, H7626 ט ב שׁ shêbeṭ: (shay'-bet), Smite with a ROD; the word rod is also a staff, correction, teaching, love & the Torah.

  • 1-Heart, soul: H5315 ׁ◌ ש פ נ Nephesh: soul, self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion, animal passion.

  • 2-Heart: H3820 ב ל Leb, labab: inner man, mind, will, heart, understanding.