Week #12 - Vayechi - And He Lived

December 16th - 22nd
Genesis.47:28 - 50:26

Hebrews 11:21-11
I Peter 1:3-9; 2:11-17

I Kings 2:1-12
Acts 7:9-16 (vs 15-16)

I truly believe this is one of the most important understandings as to how you can be adopted into Israel. It is neither Greek nor Jew but this Spirit of Adoption, has chosen the First Born for the First fruits offering.

Joseph is a type and shadow of Jesus/Yeshua HaMashiach and the Bride’s Journey. These last 4 studies give us the life of Joseph and a picture of Yeshua, and also a picture of the Bride, YOU!! It is also the depth of His anointing and his 3 realms of imprisonment; (Babylon‘s three divisions; Rev 16:19). His obedience is HIS deliverance; it is the “Yeshua Life” alive in YOU! A Few Hebrew Definitions

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Egypt; H4714 ם י ר צ מ Mitzrayim: Egypt or Egyptians

  • Abel-mizraim; H67 ם י ר צ מ ל ב א' abel mitsrayim: Mourning of Egyptians

  • Coffin; Gen 50:26; H727 ן ר א / ן ו ר א ârôn: A box of dead bones; Or an ark where the Witness of the Life, Yeshua Lives. Which one are you?

  • Vow; H7650 ע ב שׁ shaba: vow or oath, we are the children of an Oath!! ̂

  • Sons; H1121 ן ּ◌ב bên: translated as ‘children’ referring to all of Israel.

  • Seed: H2233 ע ר ז zera: seed, sowing, offspring, sown into woman or earth, spiritual.

  • Virgin: H1330 ה ל ּ◌ ו ת ּ◌ ב bethulah: beth-oo-law'; separate, holy chaste, unto Yahweh.