#54 - Vezot Ha Beracha (Rules and Instructions)

Deuteronomy 33-34
Joshua 1
Gen 1:1-2:3
Revelation 19-22
Matthew 17:1-9
Mark 9:2-10
Luke 9:28-36
Jude 3-4, 8-10

Simchat Torah - Simchat Torah -The Joy of God’s Teaching and Instructions

The majesty of God; the blessings of the twelve tribes; the Excellency of Israel. Moses from mount Nebo views the land; he dies there; his burial; his age; thirty days’ mourning for him, Joshua succeeds him; the praise of Moses.

  • Jeshurun, H3484 ישׁרוּן Yeshurun: Jeshurun= “upright one,” name for Israel; ideal character; a kind synonym, a term of endearment.

  • Tribes, H7626 שׁבט Shebet: rod, staff, branch, offshoot, club, scepter.

  • Horn, H7161 קרן Qeren: horn, of strength; flask for oil, as musical instrument, (shofar), rays of light; You are HIS Horns!!

  • Rueben, H7205 ראוּבן Reuben: “behold a son.”

  • Judah, H3063 יהוּדה Yehudah: “praised.”

  • Levi, H3878 לוי Levi: “joined to.”

  • Joseph, H3130 יוסף Yoseph: “Yahweh has added.”

  • Ephraim, H669 אפרים Ephraim: “double ashheap: I shall be doubly fruitful.”

  • Manasseh מ נ ש ּ◌◌ׁה H4519, Manasseh “causing to forget.”

  • Zebulon, H2074 זבוּלוּן Zebulun: “exalted.”

  • Issachar, H3485 שּׂשׂכר Issachar: “there is recompense.”

  • Gad, H1410 ד גּ Gad: “troop.”

  • Dan, H1835 דּן Dan: “judgment.”

  • Naphtali, H5321 Naphtali: “prevailed”

  • Asher, H836 Asher: “happy.”

  • Benjamin, H1144 בּנימין Benjamin: “son of the right hand.”