#50 - Ki Tavo (When you enter in)

Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:8

We have become the Living Stones with ALL the WORDS of Yahweh written on them, so we don’t have to walk in the curses, therefore choose the blessings, by your Lifestyle because it is YOUR LIFE!!

Are you finding that Messiah is always on your mind?? The Torah was alive then and now It is alive in you, don’t just read the Torah, become the Living Torah. Did you know Yeshua was with them in the Wilderness & the Torah was alive??

  • Inheritance, H5159, ה ל ח נ nachala: possession, property, heritage, You Are His CoHeir! Rom 8:17-19, Gal 3:29, Tit 3:7, If you are a Kingdom of Priests, (I Pet 2:5,9) then what is your inheritance?? You should be walking in the “Inheritance”, NOW! “The Kingdom of Yaheh is at hand, it’s here. The Kingdom is the “Land!”

  • Possess, H3423, שׁ ר י yaras: to seize, occupy or take possession of by force, inherit.

  • Stones, H68, ן ב א' eben: stone (large or small), precious stones, used for building.

  • Plaster (Whitewash), H7874, ד י ◌ׂ ש siyd: to whitewash, to Cover, a covering

  • Words, H1697, ר ב ּ◌ד dabar: speech, word, speaking, utterance of YHVH.

  • Law, H8451, ה ר ו ּ◌ ת torah: teachings, instructions, (human or divine), Mosaic Law. Related Root Word H3384; Yarah: to hit the mark.

  • Land, H776 ארץ eretz: land, earth, country, territory, or inhabitants of Yahweh. Deut 12:4-5