#49 - Keitzei (When You Go Out)

DEUTERONOMY 21:10 - 25:19

You have been scattered, you are already sent out, now What?? Scatter, gather, give religion or give life? Is the River of Life flowing from your inner most being?? You are a great picture of Yeshua, He is the Tabernacle in you, maybe you are His Sukkot?? Notice there are 74 motzvot or commandments. Many of these were taught by Messiah. He taught them in the Kingdom, He didn’t just explain them, HE taught them froma Kingdom perspective. I will give you a secret, “He taught using the mind of Messiah’, not the mind of man!!” Can you take these mitzvot and explain them in the Kingdom??

Notice the Word “Sent” or “Shalach” also means to SOW. You are a sower, you sow who you are. Do you sow Life, Love and Messiah or do you sow “Common”??

  • Sent, H7971 ח ל ◌ׁש shalach: to send, send away, let go, stretch out, to sow or be sown. (Numbers 19)
  • War, H4421 ה מ ח ל מ milchamah: battle, war; did you know there is a war?
  • Enemies, H341 ב י ו א oyeb: enemy-personal, national-Spiritual
  • Beautiful, H3033 ת ◌ו ד ד י ּ yediduth: one dearly loved, beloved one, object of love, The Precious one; The Bride!
  • Desires, H2836 ק ◌ׁש ח chashaq: To long for, to love, be attached to, to prepare to be one.
  • Sandals, H5275 נעלה na‛alah: sandal, shoe, a sign of submission, without authority when you have no sandals.
  • Loosed, H2502 ץ ל ח chalets: to remove, take off, withdraw, arm for war, rescue, be rescued. This is submission, total surrender; like Moses taking off his sandals at the Burning Bush.