#42 & 43 - Matot (Tribes) & Masei (Journeys)

Matot: Numbers 30:2 - 32:42
Masei: Numbers. 33:1 - 36:13

Chapter 30 Vows and Oaths -The Importance of our Word; this section is given by Moses to the heads of the tribes-Matot. V.1-2 Is your word your bond, your oath? Yes it is, so be careful! Speak life

Chapter 33 Starts out explaining about their journeys, all of them, but the journey is a wilderness and mountain top experience. It is a picture of “Progressive Revelation”, the stages of life in our journeys. You are maturing, in stages, -massa-, (see definitions). You are becoming an overcomer. You are becoming a life giving Spirit of Yahweh in Yeshua.

Teach yourself some Hebrew Definitions

  • Vow, H5088, ר ד נ neder: vow, votive offering
  • Oath, H7621, ה ע ּ◌ ו ב ◌ׁ ש shebu‛ah: oath, curse, attesting of innocence, promise
  • Swear, H7650, ע ב שׁ shaba‛: to swear, adjure, to curse, to cause to take an oath
  • Tribe, H4294, מטּה matah: (matot=plural); staff, branch, (of the vine) tribe, rod.
  • Kingdom, H4467, ה כ ל מ מ mamlakah: dominion, reign, sovereignty, realm.
  • Glory, H3519, ד ו ב ּ◌ כ kavod: honour, prosper, (Melkavod=Glory of the Kingdom)
  • Assembly, H6951, ל ה ק kahal: congregation, convocation, assembly, company (of returning exiles)
  • Convocation, H4744, א ר ק מ miqra', mik-raw': called out, a public meeting- assembly, calling, convocation, reading, also a rehearsal, (What do you think this is?)
  • Bribe-Gift, (Ex 23:8) H7809, ד ח ◌ׁש shachad: causes blindness, perverts the WORD.
  • Fire, H784 , ׁ◌ ש א' esh: fire, supernatural fire (accompanying theophany)
  • Water, H4325, מים Mayim: physical and spiritual as in the waters of purification Num 19
  • Zelophehad, H6765, ד ח פ ל צ Zelophehad: “first-born”, these daughters did receive their inheritance.
  • Assembly, H6951, ל ה ק kahal: congregation, convocation, assembly, company (of returning exiles)
  • Journeys, H4550, מסּע massa: pulling up (of stakes), breaking camp, setting out, stages of life.
  • Hebrew, H5680 עברי‛ ibriy: Hebrew, “one from beyond”, or cross over.
  • Inherit, H5157, נחל na’chal: to get as a possession, acquire, inherit, possess.
  • Land, H776, ארץ' eretz: land, earth, inhabitants.
  • Drive out, H3423, ירשׁ / ירשׁ yarash/yaresh: to seize, dispossess, take possession, inherit, occupy, to be an heir.
  • Wilderness, H4057, מדבּר midbar: wilderness, pasture, un-inhabited land; mouth (as organ of speech).
  • Sea, H3220, ים yam (yawm): From an unused root meaning to roar; a sea (as breaking in noisy surf); large body of water; sometimes a large river, or peoples spiritually.