#45 - V'etchannan (And I Pleaded)

Deuteronomy 3:23 - 7:11

The prayer of Moses, The pleading of Moses who was not allowed to enter. NOTICE, IT WAS DESIGNED THIS WAY. Yahweh always had salvation through faith, in the promise to Abraham (Galatians 3:29), then the Covenant of Moses, to walk in His Teachings and Instructions. Progressive, because Moses can’t take us across the Jordan only “Yehoshua” can, ONLY Salvation can take you across! Praise His Name!

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Listen, H8085 ע מ ש Shema: Listen, hear, obey and complete. Used 1149 times
  • Wroth, H5674 ר ב ע ‛abar: to pass over, alienate, do away, take away, and transgress.
  • Let it Suffice, H7227 רב rab: great (adjective) enough, abounding in, and abundant.
  • Cleft, H6449 ה גּ ס פּ Pisgah: That is where Yeshua placed us, now is the appointed time.
  • Charge, H6680 ה ו צ tsavah: to command, charge, lay charge, give charge to, order.
  • Joshua, H3091 ע שׁ ו ה י yehôshua: “Yah is salvation”.
  • Bow Down, H7812 ה ח ◌ׁ ש shachah: to submit, give up, change status, in homage.
  • Wisdom, H2451 ה מ כ ח chokmah: wisdom; in war; administration; religious affairs, ðics.
  • Evil report, H1681 ה ּ◌ב ּ◌ד dibbâh: evil repot, slander; defame, incite.
  • Midst, among, H8432 תּוך tâvek: to sever; a bisection, (by implication) the centre: Messiah has been bisected into YOUR i