#44 - Devarim (The Living Word)

Deuteronomy 1 - 3:22

The Septuagint renamed the Hebrew Book of Devarim to its Greek name Deuteronomy, originating from two words: (1) deuteros = second & (2) nomos = law. So we have the reviews of the “law-Torah,” but we know it is the Living Torah!! This 2nd giving is called the Torah of Mount Horeb, it is the same with strong emphasis on having a “Circumcised life and Heart”, and do you??

Please note: A special Hidden understanding that is so Very Important to your Walk, and Relationship with HIM. The Torah of Sinai had 613 Mitzvot, but it didn’t include the Commandment in Deuteronomy 10:16, & Deuteronomy 30:6. This one Commandment is the Secret access to Yahweh that Abraham had, that all the Prophets had, this Access is Yeshua, He is the Circumcised Heart, that brings you to the Ladder, the Door, The Gate, The Aleph – Tav.

I believe there are 613 plus One, Awesome U R HIS anointed Fire wherever you go. Glory!
(See Jeremiah 4:4 and especially see Malaki 4:4, the Words at Horeb!)

A Few Hebrew Definitions…Teach Yourself a few Words

  • Word, H1697,דּבר Devar, (Devarim, pl): Speech, word, speaking, an utterance of Yahweh. Yahweh has set before you Words of Blessing & Curses, Life or Death, choose by your actions. “My sheep listen to my Voice! John 10:1-5
  • Listen, H8085, שׁמע Shema: Listen, hear and obey.
  • Iniquity, H5771, עוון Avon: Perversity, depravity, iniquity, guilt, punishment of iniquity. From H5753 Aveh, which means to distort or warp; twisted, like Ephraim.
  • Isaiah, עיהוּ יש ,Yesha‛yahu, and עיה ◌ׁיש ,Yesha‛yah; Greek Ἠσαΐ ́ας, Ēsaías; Latin Esaias and Isaias: His name was symbolic of his message. Like Joshua, it means “Yahweh saves,” or “Yahweh is salvation,” or “salvation of Yahweh.”
  • Sleep, G 2518, καθεύδω Katheudo: Thayer Definition: to sleep normally, Spiritual Comatose, metaphorically; to yield to sloth/ sin, or to be indifferent to one’s salvation. The Dead in Messiah.
  • Naked/nakedness, H6173, ערוה‛ Arvah: dishonor, nakedness, and shame. To expose their shame is the marked feature on evil judgment. Isa 3:17, Hab 3:13, Zeph 2:14.