#41 - Pinchas - Phinehas

Numbers 25:10 - 30:1
July 1st - 7th

Pinchas is one of the few Parashah named after an individual. To appreciate how unusual this is, there is no Parashah named Abraham, nor is there one named Isaac, Jacob, Rivka, (Rebekah) Rachel, Leah, Joseph, Moses or Aaron. Clearly, Pinchas was one of the all-time heroes of Jewish history. What was his claim to fame? In an act of tremendous self-sacrifice (and at great personal danger), Pinchas acted to stop a public display of immorality, which had triggered a plague that was killing thousands. Pinchas had stepped forward at a time when everyone else had given up, and for this he was rewarded by God with the "Covenant of Peace." It is hard to find such a Hebrew champion in the Torah. You are that champion, eradicating the flesh nature in you, Praise Yahweh. It is therefore surprising that later in the Parashah, Joshua is appointed to inherit Israel’s leadership after Moses' death! The appointment of Joshua is contrasted next to Pinchas' heroics to show what a real leader should be (Joshua), as opposed to what we think he should be (Pinchas). Though the "Pinchas'" of the world typically get the most media attention, it is the quiet qualities of a "Joshua" which are most essential for leadership.

A Few Hebrew Definitions

Phinehas, H6372, ס ח נ י פּ piyn’chas: mouth of brass; (Hitchcock =bold aspect; face of trust or protection)
Holy, H6944, שׁ ד ק qôdesh ko'-desh: a sacred place or thing; rarely abstractly sanctity: - consecrated (thing), dedicated (thing), hallowed (thing), holiness, (X most) holy (X day, portion, thing), saint, sanctuary
Curse, H6895, ב ב ק kabab: to curse, utter a curse against, (verb) To Diminish. Num. 24:10 We curse ourselves, (diminish) by our Words and Action, HIS Power & Anointing are diminished.
Wall, H1447, ר ד ּ◌ג gaw-dare: a circumvallation; by implication an enclosure: - fence, hedge, wall.
Zelophehad, H6765, ד ח פ ל צ Zeloph ehad:“first-born”, they did receive their inheritance. A picture of Yeshua. Noticed they “PURSUED” their inheritance &“Persued” Yahweh! Do you??
Joshua, H3091, ע ּ◌ו ◌ׁ ש ו ה י Yehoshua: “Yah=Yahweh, shua= salvation” Salvation of God’s deliverance.
Assembly, H6951, Kahol ל ה ק kahal: congregation, convocation, assembly, company (of returning exiles)
Convocation, H4744, א ר ק מ miqrâ' mik-raw': called out, that is, a public meeting (the act, the persons, or the place); - assembly, calling, convocation, reading; also a rehearsal, (What do you think this is??)
Hedge, H4881, ה כ ּ◌ ו ◌ׂ ש מ mesukah: 1) hedge, a protection around YOU from Yahweh.
Bribe or Gift, (See Ex 23:8) H7809, ד ח ◌ׁש shachad: causes blindness and perverts the WORD, Yeshua. Don’t take one.
LORD, H3068, ה ו ה י Yahweh: the proper name of the one true God, Used: 6528 Times; YHVH.