#39 - Chukah (Decree)

Numbers 19:1 - 22:1
June 17th - 23rd

Do you Love Him enough to Keep HIS Decrees?
Do you have HIS Heart??

What a great example of a rebellion that has happened before & does happened and will happen again: A powerful anointing of Yahweh’s choice, not ours. His way & only His way and we have always wanted “My Way”. Last week we were in Korah, in the 2nd year, now we jump almost to the fortieth year, and it’s time to have a way to be redeemed (The Water of Purification) for those who will leave Israel & have a way to return. The last verse in 22:1 …pitched in the plains of Moab on this side of the Jordan by Jericho; Almost across the Jordan. Almost Home, but still being tested!!

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Ordinances, ה קּ ח H2708, Chukah: statute, hidden mystery (decree), enactment, something prescribed.

  • Cedar, H730, ז ר א erez: cedar tree/wood for building or purifications, it is eternal. Cedar-wood was thrown into the fire, as the symbol of the incorruptible continuance of life.

  • Hyssop, H231, אזוב ezob : plant used for medicinal or religious purposes, used to spread the blood at Passover, hyssop is a symbol of purification from the corruption of death.

  • Scarlet, H8144, י נ ◌ׁ ש shaniy: crimson, this is the thread that Yeshua has woven from the beginning of time; it ties us to Him, to the patriarchs, to the apostles and forgives so we may walk this halachah. These were the exact same materials used to purify the leper (Lev 14).

  • Red, H122, ם ד א Adom: red, ruddy, earthy

  • Ashes, H665, ר פ א' ,epher: ashes, (figuratively) worthlessness. The ashes of this heifer are worthless yet they offer purification, The Death of Yeshua is just another dead man crucified in Roman territory. Wow! What a revelation to the power in (man’s logic-worthless) of Yahweh’s plan and might in Yeshua’s life and death. Please read Heb 9:13-14

  • Rebels, H4784, ה ר מ marah: to be contentious, be rebellious, be disobedient towards, be rebellious against. Note this is the same name for the ‘bitter waters’ at Marah, = rebellious.

  • Meribah, H4809, ה ב י ר מ meriybah: “strife” or “contention” 1) a fountain at Rephidim, in the desert of Sin; so called because the Israelites murmured against God 2) the name of the water supply at Kadesh on the southern border of the promised land; the people also murmured here against God

  • Well, (21:16), H876, ר א ּ◌ב Be’er: from a the root word, ba’ar ר א ּ◌ב) H874) “Letters on Tablets”