Week #13 - Shemot (Names)

December 23rd - 29th
Exodus 1:1-6:1

Acts 3:12 - 15; 5:27-32; 7:17-36; 22:12-16; 24:14-16
Hebrews 11:23-26

Matthew 22:23-33 & 41-46
Mark 12:18-27 & 35-37
Luke 20:27-44

This representation in Exodus shows a powerful picture of many hidden meanings of salvation in Yeshua. A blessing of God’s prophecy and then persecution, trails and tribulation before the fulfillment, just like Joseph’s life & yours! You are to be the Type and Shadow!!!!!!!

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • I am that I am - היה אשׁר היה Hayah asher Hayah: “I am he who exists”.

  • Man: H376 שׁ י א iysh: man, male

  • Fire: H784 ׁ◌ ש א' êsh: fire, flames, supernatural fire (theophany)

  • Angel: H4397 ך א ל מ mal'âk: messenger, representative, angel

  • People: H5971 ם ע am: nation, people

  • Sea: H3220 ם י Yam: sea, Notice the Root Word, People.

  • Name: H8034 שׁם shêm: name, reputation, fame, glory, Shemot-Plural

  • Children: H1121 בּן bên: son, grandson, child, group, children (plural, male/female)

  • Egyptians: H4714 מצרים mitsrayim: Egyptians