Week #10 - Mikeitz (At the End)

Acts 7:9-16 (Specifically v. 11-12)
1 Corinthians 2:1-5; John 6

Genesis 41:1 - 44-17
I Kings 7:40-50
Zacheriah 2:14 - 4:7

The Yosef (Joseph) Syndrome, A Special Study

What a great and exciting parashah (portion)! Out of the Rivers of Egypt come 7 complete examples of Life and Death. Read on to see a special name that Joseph was given. What do you think the cows represent? How about the river? Why did Joseph make the family come back 3 times? What did Pharaoh make all of Egypt do when they were in the famine? All of this is a picture of Yeshua and the Bride (YOU)

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • To Buy; H7666 ר ב ◌ׁש shabar: to buy or purchase grain, to break or be broken as ̂ grain is ground together.

  • To Go, (as in 41:55), H1980 ך ל ה halak: to go, walk, come, a manner of life.

  • To Do, H6213, ה ◌ׂש ע‛ âśâh: to do, fashion, accomplish, make, commit, experience.

  • Food, Bread; H3899 ם ח ל Lechem: bread, food, grain, physical or spiritual.

  • Countries (Gen 41:57); H776 ארץ' eretz: land, earth, inhabitants