Week #9 - Vayeishev (...and He Settled)

Genesis 37:1 - 40:23
Amos 2:6–3:8
Acts 7:9-16
Matt 22:3
John 15:15

Israel loves his son so much, he gives him a coat, like a family coat; something you would give a first-born. Joseph was the first-born of Rachel. This display of favoritism to one son caused a wild degree of resentment and jealousy. Do you think this is the kind of jealousy that Yahweh will provoke in Judah, as we see in Romans 11:11?

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Joseph, H3130 ף ס ו י Joseph: “Yahweh has added;” the eldest son of Jacob by Rachel.

  • Jo-he-seph (Only in Ps 81:5) H3084 ף ס ו ה י yoseph: The complete name of Joseph, ‘Yo-hesafe;” notice the ‘heh’ added to his name.

  • Send, H7971 ח ל ◌ׁש Shâlach: To send, send away, let go, stretch out, to sow, also grow.

  • Wandering, H8582 עה ת Tâ‛âh: To err, wander, go astray, stagger, to err, to wander about.

  • Dreamer, H2492 חלם Châlam: Properly to bind firmly.

  • Joseph's life phases: His Three (3) Ministries, Where is yours??

    • Pit, H953 בּור Bôr: Pit, well, cistern. Like digging for Living Water (Yeshua) and finding nothing: a Well without Water.

    • Sold-Slavery, H4376 מכר Mâkar: To be sold, to be given over to death.

    • Prison: H5470; סהר Sôhar: House of roundness; never ending, prison.