Week #8 - Vayishlach (...and He Sent)

… and He is Sending YOU!!

Genesis 32:4 - 36:43
Obadiah 1.1-21
1 Corinthians 5:1-13
Revelation 7:1-12
Matt 26: 36-46

Jacob is Blessed, but doesn’t seem to spend much time with Yahweh like our mentor Abraham, much like the Bride of Messiah of today. We see that he is full of fear. So Yahweh meets with him, wrestles all night, spends all this time working out his fears of the world and worldly desires. We see a great change in Jacob; from this point on He is Israel!! It seems this change is from the letter to the Spirit, as it is becoming in You!

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Field, H6307, פדּןארם Padan Aram: This is a Hebrew idiom for being outside of God's teaching—out of Torah. So when you see someone in the field this is usually a strong indication they are outside of Torah.

  • Red, H123 אדום Edom: Esau is red and hairy; descendants of Esau = Edomites.

  • Sent (depart), H7971 ח ל ◌ׁש Shâlach: To send away, to let loose, to sow. Notice this word is used in v. 5, 18 & 26. The angel of Yahweh had to sow/plant the Blessing in Jacob.

  • Grace, H2580 ן ח Chên: Favor, acceptance, grace, charm. (V. 32:5)

  • Prevail/overcome H3201 יכול /יכל Yâkôl: To prevail, endure, have power, to be able to OVERCOME! You can do it, this is the Year