Week #7 - VaYeitzei (He Went Out - A Love Story)

Genesis 28.10 - 32:3
Hosea 11:7 - 14:10
John 1:43 - 51

This study shows us life in Yeshua, the Mayim Chaim. It also shows the deceit and the control of the worldly items in our hearts. The fear of man and of the world systems causes us to do some foolish things as we see Jacob/Yakov doing. Yahweh made a mighty covenant with him, the same one He made with his fathers. This is the same covenant he made with you today, because of the covenant through the seed of Abraham, Yeshua. I pray we walk in His obedience, which brings authority in your life. Let these examples in Torah encourage you to know Him in a way you have never known before.

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • Beer-Sheba, H884 ע שׁ באר Beer-sheba: “Well of the sevenfold oath or promise.”

  • Stone, H68, ן ב א' eben: stone, precious stones, stones of fire, sacred object. Memorial Samuel marked where God defeated the Philistines (Exodus 25:7), means a precious Jewelry setting. Symbolic of the word “tsur,” = Rock—a term for the Messiah. (Isaiah 28:16) A Precious stone set in Tzion.

  • Ladder/Staircase, H5551 ם לּ ס sullam: ladder, stairway. John 1:51, Yeshua is that ladder between the heavenly realms and the earthly on which all travel.

  • Ascending, H5927 ה ל ע‛ alah: to go up, ascend, climb.

  • Descending, H3381 ד ר י yarad: go down, descend, to be prostrated.

  • Burnt OfferingH5930 ה ל ע’ olah: as going up in smoke, to go up, ascent, stairway, steps.

  • Bethel, H1008 ל א ־ ת י ּ◌ ב beyth'el: (Beit-El) “house of God.”