Week #5 - Chayei Sarah (Sarah's Life)

Genesis 23.1 - 25.18
Also I Kings 1:1-31; Matthew 8:19-22; 27:3-10; Luke 9:57-62; 1 Corinthians 15:50-5

We see this portion is called The Life of Sarah, but it is about her death and burial. Two chapters later Abraham passes, but his is a completion to the flesh LIFE. As descendants of Abraham and Sarah, (Galatians 3) we have inherited their spiritual DNA. Notice in Genesis 25:7 “And these are the days of the years of Abraham's life which he lived: a hundred and seventy-five years.” This Torah portion compares Days to Years and tells us that the average person's growth is measured in years; but Abraham's life could be measured in DAYS. Every moment of his life was inspired with Yahweh. Is the clock ticking?? Can Abraham’s example inspire us to do the same?

A Few Hebrew Definitions

  • LORD, H3068, ה ו ה י Yahweh: The capitalized 4 letters is always in Hebrew the tetra-grammaton, Y-H-V-H. Gen 18:1 “YHVH appears…’

  • Servant, H5650 ד ב ע‛ ebed eh'-bed: a servant:, bondman, bond servant. Used in OT as servant, bondman, bondservant, bondage, & manservant. My Life is not my own!!!!!!!

  • “Well of the Living One-seeing me”, H883 א ר י ח ל ר א ּ◌ב Beer-lahai-roi: a well west of Kadesh, south of Israel, the same well that Hagar went to, Gen 16. Isaac settled here.

  • Machpelah, H4375 ה ל פּ כ מ Machpelah: “double” or “portion”, location of a burial cave for the patriarchs, near Hebron.

  • Trust, H986 ון ח ּ◌ ט ּ◌ ב bitachon: trust, confidence, hope

  • Faith, H530 ה נ ּ◌ ו מ א emunah: firmness, fidelity, steadfastness, steadiness, faithfulness.

  • Eliezer, H461, ר ז ע י ל א Eliezer: “God is my help”

  • Devil, G1228, διάβολος diabolos: The spirit of slander, false accuser, (Thayer's Dictionary) metaphorically applied to a man who, by opposing the cause of God, may be said to act the part of the devil.