Mystery of the Alef-Tav

The Alef-Tav; His Mark on You!

את The Aleph-Tav:

His Mark On You! Used 7302 Times

After two years of research, I put together a teaching on the Hebrew word that is spelled Aleph-tav; את. It is comprised of the two letters, aleph and tav, (the first and last letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. In Hebrew, the language is read from right to left, so it would be written as את.)

This word is used 7,302 times in the Tanakh and it has never been translated into any language, not any language, including English.

In John’s book of the Revelation of Yeshua ha Mashiach, (Jesus the Messiah), he claims Yeshua is this Aleph-Tav, the beginning and the end. Tav, as written in Hebrew, has a hook on the end; this hook connects it to the next letter, the beginning letter alef, so it starts all over. Yeshua, (Jesus) was not Greek, but rather a Hebrew; He would have been called the “Alef and the Tav”, not the “Alpha and Omega”. He wrote in Hebrew, spoke in Hebrew, and lived the life of a Hebrew. These are some of the sermon notes from scripture.

It is amazing! Jacob and Esau had this mark on their name at birth, but after Esau sold HIS Aleph Tav birthright, he never had it again.

Ruth’s name is all over the Book of Ruth, but it isn’t until Boaz redeems her as his wife in Chap 4, that the Aleph-Tav appears before her name.

In Joshua, they are told to march around Jericho 7 times. On the 7th day, they are to blow the shofars and then the walls should fall down, but look at Joshua 6:20. They march, the priests blow the Shofars, and then, they hear an aleph-tav shofar and then the walls come down.  Where did this shofar come from? This was Yeshua’s Shofar!

You won’t see this in the English translations of the Bible. It is used as a definitive marker, but it is so much more significant than that. It has to be read in the original Hebrew letters.

This is His Secret Bible Code to put HIS mark on HIS Plan, in HIS Kingdom.

You have a new name, Rev 2:17 את name!

This Mark is upon The Living Word in the Tanakh (Old Testament). It was in Gen 1:1, The את Heaven and the את earth. It is Yeshua all over HIS Word.



Here is the

Aleph – Tav  את

                'êth        H853

AApparently contracted from H226 in the demonstrative sense of entity; properly self (but generally used to point out more definitely the object of a verb or preposition, -

(As such unrepresented in English.)

5650 Verses, used 7302 time in the Tanakh

Never translated into any language from the Hebrew

Yeshua is the Aleph Tav  את  

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Here is just the "tav";  H8420 תּו  tâv    Total KJV Occurrences: 3

mark, 2

fEze_9:4, Eze_9:6        

desire, 1