November 07, 2021 Beit Lechem Ministries

The Heart of God

The Heart of God

We noticed Oliver wrote his book in the spring of 2002 and it’s in the spring of 2002 that Karen and I came into our covenant walk with God. 

We notice that he had mentioned it takes a heart for God to hear his voice which is something very close to my heart because I’ve been teaching that everything in true service to His kingdom is about having a heart for God.

Often times we see a hard heart for our own use, motives or heart for our religion or doctrine. 

Abraham had a very successful family, very rich and yet he had a heart for God or he could not have heard when Yahweh said Time to leave.

It’s interesting to note that everyone that had a heart for God could hear His voice. 

That would explain things why Messiah would love help those that had a heart for The Truth and His father. 

Jesus had a heart for those and he turned away those that had a hard heart or a heart for their religious ideals which is the same today. 

Look at His parables even the poor woman that came to Messiah! 

 Messiah said it wasn’t for her as being a gentile but because of her heart she said “even the dogs eat the crumbs from the master table“ and it touched his heart and he healed her daughter. 

We are chosen to love him with all our hearts.

If we love our doctrine or our belief system more than we love God we have missed his Covenant.

We pick and choose His Word!! 

When we serve a God that changed everything and we don’t have a heart for God 

It is time for Teshuvah, repentance.